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The Lawyers at The Levine Law Firm, LLC focus our practice on New Jersey business law, providing legal advice for a broad range of businesses, including start-ups, joint ventures, service providers, manufacturers and distributors.

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Business owners oftentimes work rigorous hours that can quickly turn into years of trying to develop a successful business. Without a properly planned buy/sell agreement, a business can become worthless in the event of disability, retirement or death of the owner.

Mixed Use Properties
Employers & Contractors

High-level employees are oftentimes asked to sign a formal document called an employment agreement.

Commercial Leasing
Asset Purchase Agreements

Whether you are selling your business or plan on purchasing a business, before you sign anything, it is strongly recommended that you have the sale/purchase contract reviewed by an attorney.

Lender Counsel
Shareholders Agreements

As businesses and corporations mature, their documentation needs grow and change.

Zoning & Land Use
Agreements Not to Compete

Since laws vary from state to state, what may be a reasonable restriction in one state could be considered overreaching in another.

Zoning & Land Use
Commercial Leasing

Whether your lease is for a new home, office space or equipment for a growing business, signing a lease is an exciting and important process.

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Cannabis Law

Legalized cannabis is a rapidly expanding industry in New Jersey, and The Levine Law Firm has local of skilled and experienced attorneys to assist cannabis changing laws of New Jersey.

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Contract Law

We provide contract legal services in Bergen County and New Jersey for lease agreements, contract reviews, tenant and landlord legal issues, planning and zones contracts.

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Business law in NJ

Corporate Law and Business Law in New Jersey. Our goal is to provide our business law clients with thorough legal representation and protection at a reasonable cost.

Business Law

The Levine Law goal at every phase of a legal procedure is to obtain the best results to satisfy our client’s personal and business interests. We have over 30 years of legal experience as real estate lawyers in Bergen County, NJ. Please feel free to tour our site seeking anything that you may need in relation to our attorney services, and contact us at The Levine Law Firm with any further thoughts and questions. We are more than happy to help.

As businesses and corporations mature, their documentation needs grow and change. Our attorneys keep current on changes in the law and legislation that affect small, medium, and large sized business owners. Through working with numerous business owners, we understand the hard work, planning, and time that goes into maintaining a smooth and profitable business. Our principal attorneys have a combined 40 years of experience representing business owners and have a lot of experience with drafting corporate documents efficiently and correctly.

Businesses and corporations have all different needs and one of the most important is their need for drafting documents, such as, contracts, business forms, legal notices, agreements and more. We at The Levine Law Firm LLC. are professionals in the business and fully understand the importance of drafting corporate documents and reviewing documents in order to protect your business. Drafting corporate documents should be handled by a lawyer who you can trust to fully care about your company and the decisions it makes.

Drafting Corporate Documents We Service:

  • Structuring and documenting clients' choice of business entity
  • Drafting and reviewing employment, stock option, employee nondisclosure, non-competition, and non-solicitation agreements
  • Drafting and reviewing stockholder agreements, including cross-purchase, redemption, insurance -funded buyout, voting trusts
  • Drafting of contracts and agreements with vendors, suppliers, licensees, distributors, and other related entities
  • Drafting of employment agreements, restrictive covenant agreements, and joint venture agreements
  • Document representation of the parties to mergers, sales, acquisitions, and other commercial transactions
  • Documenting and advising clients in real estate purchase/sale contracts, commercial leasing, zoning and municipal matters including subdivisions, variances, special permits, and related appeals

The lawyers at The Levine Law Firm, LLC have over 40 years of experience when it comes to advising businesses with their drafting of documents, reviewing and revising corporate documents, and preparing corporate documents. We will put our experience to work for you. When you are looking for business lawyers in New Jersey who know how to efficiently draft corporate documents, you need look no further. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you and your company's legal documentation matters.

As commercial transaction and business formation attorneys, we focus on our clients' needs and goals, while always protecting their concerns and against any unforeseen pitfalls. Our goal is to provide our business law clients with thorough legal representation and protection at a reasonable cost. We work to minimize risk to our client's businesses through proper planning and effective strategies and advice. Our attorneys represent businesses of all sizes. If you are interested in learning how a lawyer from our office can help your business, contact us at our Fair Lawn, New Jersey, commercial business lawyers.


Lease Reviewing

A lease is a legal document that should not be signed without careful thought and the review of a legal expert. The lease must be read over carefully. Always seek legal advice before vacating or signing any legal contracts such as lease agreements.

Lease Services Include:
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Equipment
  • Agricultural
  • Differences between commercial and residential leases
  • Breaking leases
  • Illegal dwellings

Prepare a list of points and/or concerns to discuss during your consultation with a contract attorney in NJ.

Pre-nuptial Agreement Consultations:
  • Setting out each party's assets, debts, and property/possessions rights before the marriage.
  • Settling the question of division of property and of spousal support in the event of marriage cessation.
  • Ensuring your estate is dispersed according to your wishes upon your death.
  • Protecting your wishes upon your death from additional claims by your spouse.
  • Protecting the well-being of children from a previous marriage.
Commercial Distribution Agreements:

These typically bring a lot of problems to a business person. We offer a great deal of knowledge and experience in commercial distribution agreement review.

Buy Sell Agreements:

The issues faced in drafting a buy-sell agreement are complex and difficult.

What is the purpose of a buy-sell agreement?

General buy-sell agreements:

Agreements that only restrict the transfer of shares.

Agreements that institute the value of shares for estate tax reasons.

Many business owners work rigorous hours that turn into years trying to develop a successful business. But without an appropriately planned buy-sell agreement, the business may become worthless at the disability, retirement and/or death of a key owner. We examine key concepts in order to implement a buy-sell agreement.

Employment Agreements:

You may want some high-level employees to sign a formal Employment Agreement (or they may ask for one). A well-drafted employment agreement addresses the following key issues:

  • The job position/rank
  • Whether the position can be changed by the employer
  • The length of the agreement
  • The salary, bonus, and incentives
  • Whether the employee gets stock or stock options in the company (remember, the employee should typically earn these over time)
  • When the employee can be terminated for good cause
  • What is the good cause
  • When the employee can be terminated without good cause and what severance payment will be due
  • The employee's job responsibilities
  • The employee's privacy obligations
  • Where and how argument will be handled
Independent Contractor Agreements:

Independent contractor contracts are the usual strategy to getting on your feet. It’s always a better idea to have an attorney check even a detailed adaptable agreement or custom tailor one for you, to make sure it covers every possibility for your specific niche. If you have any doubts on a contract, ask an attorney to check it before you sign.

Restrictive Covenants:

The laws vary from state to state, what may be a reasonable restriction in one state may be considered overreaching in another. A restrictive covenant must be tailored for the state in which it is being used because if not done so it may result in having a valueless and unenforceable covenant. The agreement has been tailored to the law of the state in which the employee actually works.

Sale/Purchase of Business:

Whether it is a business sale agreement or business purchase agreement, a contract is always written between two or more individuals for the purpose of buying or selling of a business.

We help you with the contracts and forms to successfully buy, sell, and appraise your business.

Please contact The Levine Law Firm if you have questions about any of the above contracts of your own.

We offer Contract Law Services in the following counties:

Commercial Agreements in New Jersey

Well documented contracts and agreements are critical to the success of a partnership or business venture. However, these agreements are quite complex. With so much at stake, it is important to have a contract attorney in New Jersey review the agreement so it will be composed properly and efficiently.

At The Levine Law Firm, our attorneys have reviewed and revised countless commercial agreements in New Jersey and ensure excellent results for our clients so that funds will be secure and business will continue to prosper. As experts in contract law and legal agreements in New Jersey, The Levine Law Firm offers a great deal of knowledge and experience to our clients.

Types of Businesses

  • Construction Companies
  • Plumbing Companies
  • Internet Providers
  • Software Providers
  • Equipment Repair
  • Service Industries

Types of Agreements

  • Distribution
  • Asset Purchase
  • Equipment Sales
  • Commercial Loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Service Contracts

The Levine Law Firm will examine key concepts of your commercial agreement in order to ensure a successful business agreement in New Jersey.

Contact The Levine Law Firm for the very best in legal consultations and contract law services in New Jersey.