Commercial Real Estate Legal Services in NJ

In our experience, whether representing the buyer or seller of a small apartment complex or an industrial development, one fact remains constant - the need for a quick turn around. We prioritize that as a goal in all real estate matters we handle. Through our broad experience and understanding of our clients' needs and objectives, we can creatively structure transactions and find solutions to our clients' legal problems in the real estate arena. Due to our expertise in financing, business law and litigation, we can cost-effectively consummate real estate transactions, while ensuring that our clients are thoroughly advised of their legal options. If you want to handle your own negotiations, you need to be prepared. We will make sure you are aware of various options available in relation to a particular contract, leases, joint venture or refinancing. Our constant goal is to help our clients make informed choices. The following is a brief synopsis of our experience.

We represent clients in the sale, lease and use of all types of real estate including the negotiation and drafting of sale agreements, leases, easements, options and other instruments.


Cooperative and Condominium Associations

We represent the Board of Directors of Cooperative and Condominium Associations as general counsel in all phases of operations.

Land Use and Zoning In New Jersey

We advise clients who submit or object to applications for zoning variances, site plan approval and subdivisions before Planning Boards and Boards of Adjustment.

Environmental Protection Matters

We appear before the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and other regulatory bodies on behalf of clients seeking, or objecting to, permits or exemptions.

If your commercial real estate needs require an experienced New Jersey commercial real estate attorney, we welcome the opportunity to discuss our qualifications to represent you. Contact us today.

The Levine Law goal at every phase of a legal procedure is to obtain the best result that will satisfy our client's personal and business interests. Our law firm has over 30 years of legal experience for commercial real estate law in Bergen County, NJ. Please feel free to tour our site seeking anything that you may need in relation to our services, and contact us at The Levine Law Firm with any further thoughts and questions. We are more than happy to help.