Prenuptial Agreement Consultation in New Jersey

The Levine Law Firm provides legal consultation and additional legal services for prenuptial agreements in New Jersey. A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract created before a marriage or civil union documenting the provisions of both parties in the event of marriage cessation, divorce or death of a spouse.

This involves aspects such as division of property, spousal support and possession rights.

During your prenuptial agreement consultation, a family law attorney specializing in contract law will set out each party's existing assets, debts, property and possessions. The prenuptial agreement settles questions that may come up in the event of marriage cessation, divorce or death of a spouse.

The Prenuptial Agreement...

  • Documents a legal contract and agreement between the two parties prior to marriage.
  • Ensures that one's estate will be protected and dispersed according to the wishes of the individual.
  • Protects the wishes of a deceased spouse from additional claims made by the living spouse.
  • Most importantly, protects the well-being of the children of the marriage.

The existence of a prenuptial agreement has ample benefits and should certainly be considered. However, the terms may only be enforced if the agreement is properly drafted by an attorney. An experienced lawyer should be consulted to ensure that legal obligations are met and properly drafted.

Legal contracts such as prenuptial agreements will vary from state to state in terms of the provisions and legal guidelines. The Levine Law Firm is expert in contract law. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and years of experience with legal contracts and prenuptial agreements in New Jersey.

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