Residential Real Estate Legal Services in New Jersey

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or are an experienced property purchaser, The Levine Law Firm, LLC has represented buyers and sellers in thousands of transactions over the last 30+ years. The result of this extensive experience is the knowledge of the attention necessary to ensure a smooth transaction and transition. We recognize that buying a home is one of the most significant financial and life-changing endeavors you will undertake in your lifetime. It is a time, filled with so many different emotions and considerations. For this reason, we make sure that our attorneys and staff are always available to assist you with any concerns or questions. We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure that your purchase or sale goes smoothly with no surprises.

We represent individuals and businesses in all aspects of a real estate transaction or anything that may arise from it. This includes purchase, sale and refinance closings, construction loans, foreclosures, lease drafting and negotiation, tenancies, title examinations, and property management. Our real estate lawyers also represent our clients in any litigation relating to real estate, including enforcement of contractual rights, foreclosures, evictions for landlords or tenants, quieting title or settling estates. Our fees are usually on a flat fee basis; however, some transactions may require an hourly fee arrangement.

As real estate attorneys, we protect our clients and their interests during all phases of the agreement, from the initial agreement through and after the closing of title.


We provide these Residential Real Estate Legal Services in NJ

  • Skillfully negotiate the contract to conclude attorney review.
  • Explain various terms and implications of your purchase agreement.
  • Review inspection reports and assist in the negotiation of inspection items.
  • Order and examine the Property Title and Survey.
  • Review mortgage documents and commitment.
  • Coordinate the closing with all involved parties.
  • Carefully review every document and contract before it is signed. (Every transaction involves the preparation and negotiation of numerous loan related documents - promissory notes, security agreements, financing statements, guarantees, and loan agreements. We will prepare, review and explain the legal effect of all of your loan documents).
  • Follow up with clients after closing.

We also assist in all ancillary issues that may arise, including the following matters:

  • - Title issues such as chain of title, quiet title, judgments, easements or encroachments.
  • - Resolving or paying off unpaid mortgages or pending foreclosures.
  • - Advise client regarding inspections for mold, asbestos, radon, and wood-destroying insects, oil tanks or other hazardous substances.

In all of our residential and commercial real estate work, we zealously focus our efforts on handling these matters efficiently and economically to ensure that our clients’ best interests are protected while working towards a successful transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions for Buying a Home.
Frequently Asked Questions for Selling a Home.

The Levine Law goal at every phase of a legal procedure is to obtain the best result that will satisfy our client's personal and business interests. Our law firm has over 30 years of legal experience for residential real estate law in Bergen County, NJ. Please feel free to tour our site seeking anything that you may need in relation to our services, and contact us at The Levine Law Firm with any further thoughts and questions. We are more than happy to help.