Living Will Attorneys in New Jersey

Living Wills in New Jersey
The Levine Law Firm of New Jersey understands the difficulty of losing a loved one. It is taxing on one's emotions and can lead to many legal disputes that can be properly resolved by preparing living wills. We are here to ease the pain and make the process a bit easier. Our will attorneys in New Jersey are trained to handle living wills better than any other law firm in New Jersey.

Since we can not predict when or what will happen in the future, the best way to prepare is to have an attorney plan your will or estate now. Having a living will in New Jersey (or medical directives) allows you to express your desires to a doctor or hospital in the event of a coma or other life threatening condition. Loved ones would prefer not to deal with difficult and emotional decisions at this time.

The Levine Law Firm's living will attorneys in New Jersey are more than happy to assist you and your family in drafting a living will.

Circumstances that involve Living Wills in New Jersey

  • Refusing Treatments
  • Do NOT Resuscitate Orders
  • Terminal Illness
  • Permanent Disability
  • Determining Permanence or Irreversibility
  • Types of Treatment
  • Ordinary and Extraordinary Care

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