Employment Agreements in New Jersey

High-level employees are oftentimes asked to sign a formal document called an employment agreement. An employment agreement is a well-drafted legal agreement that addresses guidelines and important information pertaining to an individual's employment within the company. The agreement may address specific key aspects of employment.

Employment agreement may include:

  • Job position or rank
  • Employee's job responsibilities
  • Employee's privacy responsibilities
  • Employee's salary, bonus and/or incentives
  • Vacation schedule
  • Agreement not to compete
  • Trade secret protection
  • Confidentiality

The agreement may answer the following questions...

  • Can the employer change the job position/rank?
  • Does the employee receive stock or stock options in the company?
  • What is the length of the agreement?
  • When can an employee be terminated?
  • What is the severance payment due if terminated?

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Independent Contractor Agreement in New Jersey

Independent contracting is a great strategy for getting on your feet. The best option in this case is to implement an independent contractor agreement with the assistance of an experienced attorney.

While drafting an independent contractor agreement in New Jersey, it is crucial to consult with a lawyer or contract attorney to review the agreement. At The Levine Law Firm, we have extensive knowledge and years of experience with contract law, specifically independent contractor agreements in New Jersey.

The Levine Law Firm will ensure the accuracy of the agreement. It is crucial that an attorney review your independent contractor agreement in order to confirm that the agreement covers:

  • Legal guidelines of an independent contractor agreement
  • Every provision necessary for the agreement
  • All possibilities for your line of work
  • Standards required by the state of New Jersey
    • Twenty-Point Independent Contractor Checklist
  • Tax consequences and reporting

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