We Provide Family Attorneys for Post Judgment Enforcements & Change in Circumstances in NJ

Circumstances change often and as a result, you may need to return to court and ask for help enforcing a ruling made by the judge. Changes can be simple or they can be complex, such as, a job or career change, getting remarried on either party and not paying child support just to name a few. The lawyers at The Levine Law Firm LLC. are prepared to prosecute and protect you and your family to the best of your needs.

Post Judgment Enforcement can include:

  • Child Support: Whether your child is going to a new, private school or starting to play a college sport, whatever the case may be, your child's needs may change. Families may experience employment changes or an illness. Our experienced lawyers will help you with any and all modifications you may have concerning child support.
  • Child Custody: When one parent starts a new job or a child's needs change, child custody modifications are required. Levine Lawyers can answer all your questions regarding family law and the post judgment enforcements/change you require. Our lawyers examine your current situation and help give a reasonable solution for your circumstance.
  • Spousal Support: Our lawyers have over 30 years of family law experience, helping clients either increase or decrease spousal support. Situations may change; you may have gotten fired, injured or even a better job. Whatever the case may be, Levine Lawyers can help you make the necessary changes according to your needs.

Even if we didn't represent you in your original divorce proceedings, our lawyers are here to help you get through this case. Levine Lawyers will carefully perform a review of the original case, listen to your concerns, assess your current family situation and do our best to help you change whatever circumstance needs to be changed.