Lease Reviewing

A lease is a legal document that should not be signed without careful thought and the review of a legal expert. The lease must be read over carefully. Always seek legal advice before vacating or signing any legal contracts such as lease agreements.

Lease Services Include:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Equipment
  • Agricultural
  • Differences between commercial and residential leases
  • Breaking leases
  • Illegal dwellings

Prepare a list of points and/or concerns to discuss during your consultation with a contract attorney in NJ.

Pre-nuptial Agreement Consultations:

  • Setting out each party's assets, debts, and property/possessions rights before the marriage.
  • Settling the question of division of property and of spousal support in the event of marriage cessation.
  • Ensuring your estate is dispersed according to your wishes upon your death.
  • Protecting your wishes upon your death from additional claims by your spouse.
  • Protecting the well-being of children from a previous marriage.

Commercial Distribution Agreements:

These typically bring a lot of problems to a business person. We offer a great deal of knowledge and experience in commercial distribution agreement review.

Buy Sell Agreements:

  • The issues faced in drafting a buy-sell agreement are complex and difficult.
  • What is the purpose of a buy-sell agreement?
  • General buy-sell agreements:
  • Agreements that only restrict the transfer of shares.
  • Agreements that institute the value of shares for estate tax reasons.
  • Many business owners work rigorous hours that turn into years trying to develop a successful business. But without an appropriately planned buy-sell agreement, the business may become worthless at the disability, retirement and/or death of a key owner. We examine key concepts in order to implement a buy-sell agreement.

Employment Agreements:

You may want some high-level employees to sign a formal Employment Agreement (or they may ask for one). A well-drafted employment agreement addresses the following key issues:

  • The job position/rank
  • Whether the position can be changed by the employer
  • The length of the agreement
  • The salary, bonus, and incentives
  • Whether the employee gets stock or stock options in the company (remember, the employee should typically earn these over time)
  • When the employee can be terminated for good cause
  • What is the good cause
  • When the employee can be terminated without good cause and what severance payment will be due
  • The employee's job responsibilities
  • The employee's privacy obligations
  • Where and how argument will be handled

Independent Contractor Agreements:

Independent contractor contracts are the usual strategy to getting on your feet. It’s always a better idea to have an attorney check even a detailed adaptable agreement or custom tailor one for you, to make sure it covers every possibility for your specific niche. If you have any doubts on a contract, ask an attorney to check it before you sign.

Restrictive Covenants:

The laws vary from state to state, what may be a reasonable restriction in one state may be considered overreaching in another. A restrictive covenant must be tailored for the state in which it is being used because if not done so it may result in having a valueless and unenforceable covenant. The agreement has been tailored to the law of the state in which the employee actually works.

Sale/Purchase of Business:

Whether it is a business sale agreement or business purchase agreement, a contract is always written between two or more individuals for the purpose of buying or selling of a business.

We help you with the contracts and forms to successfully buy, sell, and appraise your business.

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