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Contract Law Attorney in Essex County

Contract law covers not only written agreements, but verbal agreements as well. As business attorneys in Essex County, we are experienced in handling all different aspects of contracts. Of course, each contract includes the respective parties' rights, obligations and limitations. In addition, we are highly trained at thinking about issues that you may not have considered in drafting an agreement, such as what are the parties’ responsibilities if a contract is terminated or if a dispute arises.

At The Levine Law Firm, LLC, our contract attorneys in Essex County specialize in the drafting and negotiation of whatever contracts you may need for your business or personal affairs. With over forty years in business, we bring to the table our extensive experience and success in contract drafting, having a unique ability to spot potential hazards and seeking to eliminate them before they become problems.

The lawyers at the Levine Law Firm of Essex County will help you tailor a contract for whatever your needs may be. We do not simply re-use the same forms over again, but will make the agreement specific, based on your situation. Whether you need a contract to buy or sell a business in Essex County, for real estate or any other purpose, we work hard in formulating an agreement that properly protects your interests; a goal that we take very seriously.

When you come to us for Essex County contract law advice, we bring with us our extensive knowledge and experience to assist you in various types of contracts, including but not limited to:

  • Business Contracts - You may be buying a business, selling a business or entering into an agreement with another party to sell assets or products.
  • Sale/Purchase of Real Estate
  • Lease Reviewing – A lease, whether for residential or business purpose, is an incredibly important document that should not be signed without sound legal advice. Our experts will carefully review the document with you. We cover residential, commercial, equipment and agricultural leases. We can also provide advice if you are considering breaking a lease or if you have an illegal dwelling case.
  • Commercial Distribution Agreements – This aspect of business can often stir up a lot of complications. Our Essex County contract law specialists will help you review the paperwork and make sense of it all.
  • Buy-Sell Agreements – If the head of a business retires or passes away, you need to make sure you have the appropriate buy-sell agreement in order to ensure that the business value does not suffer.
  • Employment Agreements – This document serves many important purposes. With our help, we can help you draft an employee agreement that will cover the length of employment, the salary and benefits involved, when the employee can be terminated, what type of privacy obligations they need to adhere to and more.
  • Independent Contractor Agreements – Whether for the business or for the contractor being hired, the Essex County contract law experts at Levine Law Firm will go over all the details of this type of contract to make sure that you are covered from every angle.
  • Restrictive Covenants – These contracts are specific to each individual state. Our lawyers will sit down with you to make sure that the contract abides by the proper rules and regulations of the state in which you are seeking employment.
  • Sale/Purchase of Business – In any given business agreement, a contract is always involved. Whether you need this contract for buying or selling a business, we will review it with you and make sure that all points within it are clear.
  • Prenuptial Agreement Consultations – This includes determining the assets, debts and property that each party has and deciding on how to divide it in the case of divorce.

We also specialize in the following types of contract law in Essex County:

  • Asset Purchase
  • Equipment Sales
  • Commercial Loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Service Contracts

For more information on the Essex County contract law services provided at the Levine Law Firm LLC, give us a call today at 201-794-1100.